Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas allows you to describe any business model based on nine fundamental building blocks. It’s a practical business tool to design, test, implement, and manage business models over their lifecycle.

Business Model Canvas Explained

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Workshop for business planning & strategy

A focused workshop for you and your team could boost your team spirit, align team ideas and efforts:

  • Environment to focus on next strategic steps
  • Open up new revenue streams (it’s all there)
  • Guidance process to come up with most creative and successful ideas
  • Minimize risk by getting the whole team “on board”
  • Ready, when you are!

Understanding your market, competitors and business drivers will be the first day.

What we do the first day?    LISTEN!

  • Customer Segments (Mass Market, Niche Market, Segmented, Diversified)
  • Value Propositions (Newness, Performance, Customization)

Value propositions should be developed based on the customer segment in mind, since one will continually develop the other throughout the BMC process.

The business model of a company is a simplified representation of its business logic. It describes what company offers its customers, how it reaches them and relates to them, through which resources, activities and partners it achieves this and finally, how it earns money. The business model is usually distinguished from the business process model and the organization model.

Workshop structure