5th AFSMI Workshop at the XR Expo 2022

Will smart glasses be able to prove their added value for the service industry, withstanding the massive pressure of an aspiring smartphone technology mass-market?

Far from home users and gaming apps, major phone manufacturers are already pushing with new sensors and system integrations to open up new markets. When analyzing available technologies, integration maturity and availability of applications in app stores, it becomes clear that survival-of-the-fittest has already started to conquer the emerging market of augmented reality. Will specialized devices like the HoloLens2 or Google Glass remain relevant and prove their use cases in the industry? Could remote support in the field and demand for hands-free and resilience in harsh field conditions be such a use-case for specialized smart glasses?

Together with the research team of the WizARd project from the University of Dortmund and Mariano Mailos, PMM, Mixed Reality from Microsoft we’ll elaborate and discuss latest trends within the world of AR-devices and future technologies.

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Author: Juergen