Utilizing Hololens 2 for Field Service

Utilizing Hololens 2 for Field Service

  • Posted by: Juergen

With a Microsoft HoloLens 2 on site, we were able to develop the first scenarios of how to use this “gadget” in the real world. There are wonderful applications, but at the same time we are encountering new hurdles in the mixed reality space. The fleet of over 10 devices spread from Asia to South America needs to be leveraged to take maximum advantage of this technology.

In the initial trials, the bandwidth (via HotSpot) and battery life (about 2 hours) worked well and the connection to the consultants who joined the remote assist call were able to ask questions about what they were seeing and point out machines and equipment they wanted to investigate.

Have a look at my first recording of inital trials I did:

Author: Juergen